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Chemical Dosing Pump

Hydraulically Operated Diaphragm Pump - API 675 Standard

Available in SS316, SS316L, CI, Alloy 20, Hastelloy, PP & other materials. Flow upto 7000 LPH in single head & Discharge Pressure up to 300 Kg/cm2. Multiplexing can done for higher capacities. Complying as per API 675 standards. Sandwich diaphragm for pressure leak detection & in-built relief valve is provided for better performance.



  • Available in SS316, SS316L, PP & other materials
  • Flow up to 7000 LPH in single head
  • For higher capacity, multiplexing can be done
  • Discharge Pressure up to 300 Kg/cm2
  • As per API 675 standards

Electronic Dosing Pump

  • Electronically-Mechanically Acutated Diaphrgm
  • M.O.C - PP, PVC, PVDF, SS 316
  • Maximum Flow: 12 LPH
  • Maximum Pressure: 10 kg/cm2
  • Low Power Consumption

Chemical Mixing Agitator

  • Available in variety of refined Agitators
  • Portable Agitators
  • Side Entry Agitators
  • Top Entry Agitators
  • MOC: CS, SS, Alloy, Titanium, Hastelloy

Centrifugal Pump

Complete Range of Centrifugal Pumps for various Industrial Applications

Horizontal, back pull out, volute casing, single stage, centre line discharge, end-suction centrifugal pump. Excellent super alloy pumps for hazardous, corrosive & toxic media.Flow capacity up to 200 m3/hr, Head upto 100 m, Viscosity up to 150 mPas (cP), Working pressure: 16 bar, Temp: 180 Deg C


Dosing System

  • Antiscalant Dosing System
  • Corrosion Inhibhitor System
  • Chlorine Dosing System
  • Phosphate Dosing System
  • Various Tailor-made Dosing Packages

Cooling Tower

  • Fibre Glass Reinforced Plastic
  • Leak Proof Water Basin
  • Weather Proof Fan Motor
  • Suitable for heated & humid atmosphere
  • MOC: Steel Structure

Thermal Valves

  • High Performance Valves
  • High Pressure Valves
  • IBR Certified Valves
  • Application: Gas/Vapour
  • Valves specially designed for steam

Flow Meter with Totalizer

  • Compatible with all corrosive/non-corrosive liquids
  • Protection class IP 68 for flow sensors
  • Meter Size DN 10 to DN 350
  • Flange Standard: ANSI/DIN/BS/SMS/Triclamp
  • Power Supply: Pulsed DC

De Mineralization Plant

Complete Range of DM Plant for various Industrial Applications

Available in Cation & Anion exchange resins. Supplying FRP vessel make Mixed Bed DM plants in various volumes as per the industry need. Manufactured with high performance material, quality test certificates are provided. Exporting in various countries.


GRP Pipes & Fittings

  • Available in 300mm to 3000mm diameter
  • High quality GRP Pipes
  • Fittings available as per customer's requirement
  • Exported in various industries & turnkey projects
  • Pressure Class: Gravity 25kg/cm2