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Chemical Dosing Pump

We Offer Complete Range of Hydraulic (Diaphragm) Metering Pumps

Available in SS316, SS316L, CI, Alloy 20, Hastelloy, PP & other materials. Flow upto 7000 LPH in single head & Discharge Pressure up to 300 Kg/cm2. Multiplexing can done for higher capacities. Complying as per API 675 standards. Sandwich diaphragm for pressure leak detection & in-built relief valve is provided for better performance.



  • Available in SS316, SS316L, PP & other materials
  • Flow up to 7000 LPH in single head
  • For higher capacity, multiplexing can be done
  • Discharge Pressure up to 300 Kg/cm2
  • As per API 675 standards

Electronic Dosing Pump

  • Electronically-Mechanically Acutated Diaphrgm
  • M.O.C - PP, PVC, PVDF, SS 316
  • Maximum Flow: 12 LPH
  • Maximum Pressure: 10 kg/cm2
  • Low Power Consumption

Centrifugal Pump

Complete Range of Centrifugal Pumps for various Industrial Applications

Horizontal, back pull out, volute casing, single stage, centre line discharge, end-suction centrifugal pump. Excellent super alloy pumps for hazardous, corrosive & toxic media.Flow capacity up to 200 m3/hr, Head upto 100 m, Viscosity up to 150 mPas (cP), Working pressure: 16 bar, Temp: 180 Deg C


Gear Pump

  • Oil Power Hydraulic Gear Pump
  • Flow Capacity: 41 LPM @ 1500 RPM
  • Flow Capacity: 9 GPM @ 1500 RPM
  • Operating Pressure: 230 Bar
  • Compact in size

Electromagnetic Flow Meter

  • Empty Pipe Detection
  • Digital Output
  • High Accuracy Flow Metering
  • No Pressure Drop in process
  • MOC: MS, SS316, SS304, SS316L